Think Like an Adversary

During a SORT full-spectrum threat assessment, attacks and tactics commonly utilized by adversaries are leveraged to test your company's digital and physical infrastructure. Given the ever-changing and often-hostile threat landscape Carbon Dynamics takes pride in being deeply ingrained in the information security community, as well as a number of other refined communities, which provide critically important information about new threat actor tactics and the the "state of security" at a global scale.

Carbon Dynamics takes security very seriously, and as such our team of experts have familiarized themselves with the foremost techniques in attack, evasion, data exfiltration, social engineering, and more to create a blended-threat offering that is highly unique in the public sector.

The Path of Least Resistance

Generally there are two types of attacks seen in the wild: Opportunistic and Targeted.

Opportunistic - The opportunistic attacker is the one that companies deal with most often. Typical viral outbreaks, Trojans and spyware infections, spam, phishing emails – the types of attacks that everybody sees all the time. For the attacker these sorts of attacks are inexpensive to launch and meant to cover a wide attack surface, much like a fishing net. These attacks are more common and have been increasing in stealth in the past few years.  Carbon Dynamics is partnered with industry leaders in this space to provide a robust offering to mitigate threats of this nature – as well as training programs to assist your organization in learning stop these types of attacks before they can do any damage.

Targeted - We see targeted attacks featured in the news: Stuxnet, Aurora, The Wateringhole Attack of 2012 – these types of attacks were designed to target specific organizations, and are much more costly. They are often backed by direct malicious intentions against the targeted organizations for a variety of reasons. A Carbon Dynamics blended threat assessment can increase your organizations security posture to effectively deal with targeted attacks. Our team of experts will work with your teams to understand the unique types of vulnerabilities and attack surfaces that seasoned threat actors frequently exploit.

Real attackers will obtain access to sensitive systems and intellectual property by any means possible, so it is crucial to identify as many of your company's exposure points as possible, including the “low hanging fruit”. 

Confidentiality and Discretion

Our SORT Teams are comprised of professionals who are experienced in, and understand discretion and complex relationships. Our "Quiet Professionals" will always compartmentalize and handle your company's sensitive information discretely and securely. Your trust is our ultimate currency.