Attack Simulation and Red Teaming

We tailor attack scenarios to test your systems and personnel, benchmark your defenses and highlight your critical weaknesses. We then provide your team with a playbook that contains a series of "real life" risk-based scenarios and should act as the foundation for reducing risk in each of the areas that was successfully compromised. 

Threat intelligence

Our tailored threat intelligence goes above generic bulletins and mass-produced products that are costly and bring little value to your organization. Once engaged, we generate threat intelligence with your specific business context in mind. Our content is designed for both technical and executive teams so it can be leveraged to gain critical support at the board level.


Data shows that most organizations are unaware of their existing indicators of compromise. Traditional antivirus that is inadequate or doesn't work as advertised. Often times logs are missing or rarely reviewed and incident response plans are non-existent or untested. Our breach assessments examine multiple risk layers within your infrastructure and provide you with insight and response guidance while you mature your defensive posture.

incident response and digital forensics

Rapid response, damage assessments, post-incident advisory services and root cause analysis. Our team of experts can engage in highly sensitive investigations, work with regulators and auditors on your behalf and assist in legal proceedings. We can provide packages to assist your organization in dealing with high-severity incidents. 

managed security services

Whether it's your first security operations center deployment and you don't have budget or staff to do the job internally, or your team is looking to mature an existing deployment, we will bring highly experienced personnel to meet your needs. Our team has designed and managed security operations centers for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. 

chief information security officer and Security strategy

Our team of seasoned security executives can step in to act as your first CISO, provide part-time virtual CISO services, or help you identify and recruit a new CISO. In addition, we can work with you to develop a long-term security strategy. Let us help your team achieve their goals with a combination of off-the-shelf software and custom security solutions.