Our primary mission at Carbon Dynamics is to protect your brand, preserve your reputation, and minimize downtime and loss of assets through a comprehensive approach to security. Carbon Dynamics unique approach includes information assurance through rigorous testing of security controls via our full-spectrum threat assessments. Our team of experts will engage to discover, expose, and exploit your company's digital and physical vulnerabilities.  Upon completion of the tactical phase of each project, we provide our clients with a detailed company threat profile, a comprehensive technical findings report, and a threat mitigation plan or "playbook".  The playbook contains a series of "real life" risk-based scenarios and should act as the foundation for reducing risk in each of the areas that was successfully compromised. 


Carbon Dynamics was founded on the principle of bringing the best and the brightest from the intelligence, information security, law enforcement and special operations communities together to create a highly specialized “Special Operations Red Team” (SORT), for the private sector.

We develop strategic information risk-management initiatives for our clients, reducing risk in existing business processes, enhancing information protection across your organization, and facilitating compliance with privacy regulations and security standards such as GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD 3010, COBIT, ISO-27001, PCI, HIPAA, NERC and FFIEC. We are also planning to simplify money transactions by incorporating cryptocurrency. Generally, digital money eases and expedites money transfer and remittance systems. To know about trading cryptocurrency autonomously, visit the bitqt erfahrung blog, which talks about buying and selling crypto via auto trading bots.